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At the heart of our STEM program is a desire to make the world a more equitable place and increase the diversity of our industry. As a program, we pivoted to support parents, community partners and teachers by adapting our STEM curriculum materials to deliver virtually. The activities are for different age groups based on the level of advancement. However, all students can take advantage of them and grow their STEM knowledge. Some of the aspects of STEM that are covered include, coding, robotics, data analytics, consulting and many more opportunities to both introduce and advance the students’ knowledge of STEM and what we do at CGI.

“I enjoyed being able to involve all the children in the activity. Each one participated and was able to learn at their level. It was a great activity for the entire household.”
– Marie, parent
“It is nice that STEM@CGI gives fun projects to test my creativity while staying safe.”
- Nyjah, 14
Kids ages 4 to 8 all agreed, “Robots make learning fun!”

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