Connected Britain 

The Future of UK Connectivity

20 - 21 September 2022  

Stand 35

CGI is proud to return as Gold Sponsor to Connected Britain, the UK's leading event for public and private sector companies who are transforming UK connectivity with new ideas and ways of thinking. 


Connected Britain 

The Future of UK Connectivity

20 - 21 September 2022  

Stand 35

CGI is proud to return as Gold Sponsor to Connected Britain, the UK's leading event for public and private sector companies who are transforming UK connectivity with new ideas and ways of thinking. 


Trusted to do complex things well

Accelerating connectivity to improve citizens' lives  

Here at CGI, trust is the common thread which links everyone and everything.
It's the reason clients choose us for projects which shape the world and beyond.
We have decades of experience doing complex things well around the globe, operating a metro market model focussed around our clients, with local teams building trusted relationships.
With over 30 years’ experience in the Communications sector, we help industry leaders like BT and Vodafone to become next-generation telecoms providers, bringing the innovative solutions that deliver the changes their customers demand.
We are trusted by our clients and partners to accelerate connectivity and improve citizens' lives through IoT and Emerging Technology.

 Connectivity  - driving change for good

The opportunities for transformation are all around us; communication is no longer a barrier to what can be achieved.
A crisis can often be a catalyst for innovation, and we seem to be surrounded by crises today. As an example,  the rapid rise in the rate of inflation is having an impact across all sectors and communities, driving the cost base and impacting supply chains.
Connectivity has a part to play here and CGI is currently working with major cities in the UK to implement IOT and data science to optimise service management and assets in order to reduce their operational costs, whilst improving the citizen experience.
Explore our connectivity themes below to find out more about the important work CGI is doing to accelerate connectivity, improve citizens' lives and drive change for good:


5G Private Networks

Delivering transformation with 5G and Connectivity Networks

We have built a new showcase in partnership with Nokia at our 5G lab in London to demonstrate how 5G private networks can transform business operations, with example use cases that we can apply to multiple industry sectors.

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kunnat-blogi-mediumSmart Places

Driving change for citizens and communities through data-driven insights

  We're partnering with the City of Edinburgh Council on their journey to be Scotland’s Smart Capital City, harnessing technology to deliver higher quality services to their citizens.

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Providing innovative, secure, cost-effective, mission-critical solutions

With extensive security and safety systems expertise, CGI helps satellite communications operators and service providers to develop new strategies and services.

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Connecting physical and digital communities in new ways to realise new possibilities

We are playing a leading role in creating and delivering pathways to the Metaverse with clients across the globe, leveraging our experience in consulting-led digital strategy, technology and data insights, systems integration and outsourcing.

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Discover our connectivity solutions

CGI SensorInsights360

Improving the lives and wellbeing of citizens and consumers with CGI’s scalable, real-time Internet of Things (IoT) platform

CGI SensorInsights360 is a flexible, real-time data platform that delivers an end-to-end approach to IoT, asset data collection and asset management.

The solution enables organisations like local authorities, utilities and transport, to name a few, to reduce the complexity of their IoT and easily identify ways to improve operational efficiency whilst proactively monitoring and managing their critical services.

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CGI GeoData360

Industrialise your application

Earth Observation data is fundamental to tackling many of today’s issues relating to climate change, contributing to sustainable exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources and mitigating the impact of the natural environment on our businesses and infrastructure.

Imagery acquired from satellites can be used to monitor and manage. Scientists, governments, meteorologists, insurers, geologists, planners, oil & gas companies, utilities and defence want to use this information but the sheer scale of the data makes it difficult to manage.

This is where CGI can help

CGI GeoData360 is a state-of-the-art data processing platform supporting complex processing on large volumes of Earth Observation and Geospatial Data.

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CGI Meta Hub

Onboarding new joiners to CGI in the metaverse

As we continue to grow and hybrid working continues to become the new normal, we decided to innovate how we greet new members to the company. 

Our CGI Meta Hub, based on our London office at 20 Fenchurch Street, is a collaborative metaverse environment that enables the onboarding of new members through a number of key scenarios:

  • Engaging new joiners with a tour of the Fenchurch Meta Hub
  • Meeting of leaders as part of welcome session
  • Signposting key information and policies
  • Visit pre-defined stalls and view relevant content.

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machine vision

CGI Machine Vision

Changing the economics of visual inspection

CGI's Machine Vision is a diverse collection of bespoke AI models tailored to analyse a variety of visual inputs. We replace periodic manual inspection with continuous automatic video analysis that can reduce the cost of inspection, free up your engineers to do more value-adding work, and increase the rate of coverage many times.

The pose detection model recognises when a person has entered the frame and what position they are standing in. It is currently set up to raise an alarm in CGISI360 when anyone in the field of vision raises their hand. This functionality is the tip of the iceberg in terms of pose detection and people tracking. Going forward, this method could be applied to use cases in healthcare, construction, hospitality and many other industries.

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5G enhanced navigation with integrity for UAV systems

Leveraging 5G technologies to complement or backup Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) for positioning

Leading a consortium around a team of world-renowned experts, CGI is developing the proof of concept for a hybrid positioning algorithm, combining 5G signals of opportunity with GNSS services to achieve increased positioning resilience and integrity.

The project focuses on a real-world drone flight test as well as developing the use case and requirements definition for a future hybrid positioning system.

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CGI Indoor360

Shared 'situational awareness' for collaborative exploration in the safety sector

CGI Indoor360 demonstrator provides ‘shared situational awareness’ by equipping safety personnel, such as healthcare workers and the emergency services, with a Microsoft HoloLens. This is a head mounted device with a transparent display, with an integrated LIDAR sensor. We use this device to map indoor spaces in 3D, while simultaneously tracking the user within the same model. No prior information about the indoor space is needed, and both tracking and creation of the model are done in real-time.

The data collected is shared between devices at the local site and a command-and-control centre in one persistent model. Multiple HoloLens devices can be used to explore a building, making collaborative exploration possible, distinguishing this capability from a device-based solution.

Insights from our experts


Innovation in Action – Connectivity enables the step changes we all need

Alan Nunn | Communications Subject Matter Expert

We all understand how important fixed and mobile broadband connectivity is, but are we fully realising the benefits for individuals, communities, businesses, and our planet? Faster broadband is just the start. Lower latency, high reliability and ubiquitous coverage enable so much more... 


Private networks - time to get real

Alan Nunn | Communications Subject Matter Expert

Now is the right time to think about deploying a private network. This blog reports on recent work by technology trade associations techUK, and tmforum. I started working with techUK in the Advanced Communications Services working group (previously known as the 5G Ecosystem working group) ...

cgi future networks

CGI Future Networks

Andy Marr | Director Consulting Services

A recent report by analyst Omdia1 noted that “a surprise to many next year may be the rapid emergence of satellite to augment telcos’ terrestrial network coverage”, referencing Verizon and Deutsche Telekom’s recent agreements with Amazon Kuiper and Eutelsat respectively...


How space technology is bringing green wins for transport

Dr Jaime Reed | Vice President Consulting Services, Space Data Platforms and Applications

Space technology is developing fast, and, with every advance, it is becoming more accessible to industry. Today, satellite communications (satcoms) and space-based data are underpinning new ways of operating that both boost sustainability and profitability...


The role of Smart Campus as a proving ground for Smart Place innovation

Carwyn Cook | Director Consulting Expert

In many areas, local authorities are exploring the potential of Smart Place technologies to improve outcomes both for citizens and for the local economy. Most discussion of Smart Place exists in the context of towns and cities, or sometimes wider geographies...


Welcome to the metaverse: pathways to unlock value

Tara McGeehan | President, CGI UK & Australia

The metaverse promises to change the way we live, work, and consume content and goods. If we step back for a moment, what exactly is the metaverse? CGI sees the  metaverse as a digitally-enabled world, where organisations and communities interact in real time...

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Alan Nunn

Communications Subject Matter Expert 


Alan has over 3 decades of experience in UK Telecoms, having worked in various roles at BT and as CTO at Newport Networks. Through the years, he has built great experience in developing business strategy and creating road maps for technology...

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Volkan Pakoglu

Director Consulting Services


Volkan leads 5G, Mobile Private Networks, Smart Places and IoT innovation across public and private sectors in the UK. Volkan collaborates with clients to apply this innovation to create use cases which yield insights to drive change in policies and processes...

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Andy Marr

Director Consulting Services


Andy leads CGI’s 5G programmes in Space and Defence. His team have delivered the European Space Agency’s 5G/6G Hub, showcasing how space can enable future generations of telecommunications and connected applications... 

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